I Wore It When

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the app work?

  • It’s easy! Once you register, snap a photo. The app will upload the photo to the I Wore It When servers and show you the last time you wore something similar.

How do I log out of the app?
  • Click the info button on the bottom of the app. There is a logout button in there.

Why doesn’t it recognize my outfit I wore before?
  • The image recognition process can be affected by different lighting, different locations where the image was taken, etc. Try to take the image the same way each time for best results.

How do I make the image recognition better?
  • Try to take images without the flash on and in good natural light.

  • Take images in the same location. If you take your images in the mirror, do it that way each time. If you lay out the outfit on the bed, take the images that way each time.

  • Try to get the outfit in the middle of the image. We don’t need to know what you look like, just the outfit.

The app crashes on my phone, how do I contact you?
  • If you have questions about the app or problems with the functionality, please contact us at support@iworeitwhen.com